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I'm Dimitar.


As a child, I was introduced to the world of typography and graphic design through an unexpected gift from my oldest brother - a hefty tome titled "The Font through the Centuries" by Vasil Yonchev. Little did I know then that this book would ignite a lifelong passion and shape the trajectory of my career.

Today, I proudly stand as a multidisciplinary Bulgarian designer, based in Nuremberg, Germany. Alongside my design pursuits, I harbor a deep love for music and industrial design. With over two decades of experience in various design fields since 2002, I still approach each day with the excitement of a novice, eager to learn and explore new horizons. It's this journey of discovery and challenge that fuels my love for designing.


Through the years, I specialized in logo design, illustration, brand design & identity, packaging & labels, UI, web, and icon design. I love to design aesthetics - simple, trendy, and original artwork that is both visually appealing and functional at the same time.


Here are some of my clients:

Logo_ Vodafone Speechmark mit Schrift.jpg


I work proficiently with most popular design applications, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, XD, After Effects, as well as Figma, AutoCAD, Studio One, and MS Office.



Tel: +49 152 0103 0937

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